Westview Cemetery GPS 33 44.725N 84 26.748W Elevation 991 feet

This very large cemetery located in Atlanta, Ga is full of history.  This is the largest cemetery in the
Southeast with over 100,000 graves.  The cemetery was begun in 1884.  During the Civil War the
Battle of Ezra Church on July 28, 1864 was fought on the grounds of where Westview Cemetery
would be created.  The cemetery encompasses 582 acres and is only 50% developed.  The cemetery
is the home of many famous people including former Governor of Georgia Hugh M. Dorsey.  The
President of the CRG's parents and grandparents are buried at Westview.  The cemetery  is in
excellent condition and is taken care of very nicely.  There are 384 Confederate Soldiers buried at
Westview.  This cemetery is not in any danger.
The Abbey
Remains of CSA Earthworks
Eddie Page Fellow Historian from Henry County GA
Water Tower
The originial Gate one of the Oldest Structures in Atlanta
Video of drive from Stockbridge
Georgia to Westview cemetery.