on March 23, 1775.  He was tired of measures that garnered no justice for the people in the Colonies.  He  
proposed arming the militia and gave this great speech:
"Gentlemen may cry, Peace, peace, peace, but there is no peace.  The War is actually begun.  The next gale
that sweeps from the North will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms: Is life so dear, or peace so
sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God.  I know not what
course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death."
The early settlers of Henry County , Georgia were tied to the history of the birth of our nation.  William Cloud
the ancestor of Ezekiel Cloud received a land grant in 1682 from William Penn in Pennsylvania.  Ezekiel Cloud
was one of the very first setters of Henry County and served in the Revolutionary War.  Another first settler
was William Maddox  whose grandfather Capt. Joseph Dillard fought with George Washington in the French
and Indian War of 1763.  He also gained attention as a hero in Virginia before the Revolutionary War began.
George Elliott, Sr. was in the Revolutionary War under George Washington.  He was from Pennsylvania.  Dr.
John Woodson came to Jamestown Virginia  with Governor
Yeardly.  His grandson wsa present at the meeting where Patrick Henry gave his great speech.  The
Woodson's migrated to Henry County.  Also, the Henry family of McDonough are descendants of Patrick
Henry.  David Barton went to Kentucky with Daniel Boone and was killed by Indians.  His widow and
children came to Morgan County, Georgia and members of his family came to Henry County.  Many families
can link their lineage to famous things and people of the past.  For instance my wife can trace her lineage
back to Martha Washington.
Henry County not being formed until after the Revolutionary War had many veterans of that War and widows
of the war to settle in Henry County.
Here is a list of names of those who settled here and were in the War.
1. Francis Adams-LL. 186 2nd Dist Wolf Creek
2. David Andrews- not known
3. John Barnell- not known
4. Robert Beard- north of McDonough
5. Thomas Beasley- hasn't been found
6. John Cash- LL 105 7th Dist Nances Creek McDonough
7. Peter Cash- LL 105 7th Dist.
8. Joel Chandler- Scarborough Community
9. Ezekiel Cloud- McDonough
10. Isaac Coker- not known
11. John Cook- Buried at Cook Cem. Hwy 138 lived at site of Hemphill Church
12. Anthony Crumbley- Ancestor to very large Crumbley Family in Henry
13. John Duffey- Family in Henry & Butts Counties
14. Reuben Edwards- LL 150 11th Dist. South River
15. James Gilbert- LL 36 11th Dist. Cotton Indian Cr. Buried at Noah's Ark Ch.
16. William Gunnell- Buried Masters Cem. lived in Fairview Area
17. Joseph Hand- LL 246 6th Dist.
18. David Hannegan - not known
19. Hardy Hinton- LL 61 11 Dist. Hinton Comm. Millers Mill Rd.\
20. Peter Lewis- Near McDonough
21. Andrew McBride- not known
22. Samuel McClendon- LL 170 11th Dist South River
23. Thomas McClendon- lived near South River
24. David McCance (McCants)- not known
25. John McVicker- Smith's Dist.
26. Thomas Mitchell- Buried on Lowe Place 6 miles from McDonough
27. Isaac Moore- Collins Dist.
28. Isham Phillips- Dorsey  Family Cem. Lovejoy
29. William Ragland- 5th Dist Land drawing McDonough
30. John Sappington- Brushy Knob
31. Robert Selfridge- Hwy 155 at Knight Rd
32. Chandler Shellbrake- not known
33. Solomon Strickland- LL 142 2nd Dist & LL 232 Towaliga
34. William Tailor- Tussahaw Dist.
35. Charles Upchurch- Turners Ch. area
36. William Wright- McDonough
37. John Wyatt- McDonough
38. Jesse Bently- N.J. Bowen Place Hwy 155 North of Whitehouse 2 graves
39. Thomas Cook- Kelleytown
40. Asa Crabb- Lived near Whitehouse
41. Jennens Hulsey- Buried near South River and Flat Shoals
42. Thomas McClendon Sr.- LL 56
43. Thomas McClendon Jr.- LL 56
44. John Shearer- Sandy Ridge
45. James Russell- Campground Rd area

The Widows of Revolutionary Soldiers who settled in Henry County:
1. Rebecca Brown
2. Jemima Fincher
3. Margarette M'Cibben
4. Elizabeth Bryans
5. Mary Callaway
6. Sarah Duke
7. Mary  Cloud Elliott

From these early heroes of our nation's birth came a strong sense of family and leadership.  They helped to
create the militia here in Henry County and taught many a man how to drill and be prepared if needed.

The following series of pictures show first The Framers of Freedom.  Second, Scenes of hope. Third,
Weapons of the Revolutionary War.

Henry has a rich heritage that goes back to the beginning of our nation.  We should be proud of our ancestors
and remember the sacrifices they made to bring forth our United States of America.


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