Stroud Family Cemetery  GPS 33 26.242N 83 58.639W   El.  749 Ft.

This is one of the oldest cemeteries in Henry County.  William Richard Stroud came to this
area as a pioneer in 1811 before Henry County was even established.  He would serve in
the War of 1812.  He and his family came here from South Carolina with the Hooten family
who would settle north of him.  The Bryan family would also settle just northeast of him.  
These three families would be the first to settle on this side of the South River.  There is
also another grave in the cemetery of J.W. Bailey who was a survivor of the Cherokee
Indian War of 1838.  He was in Horton’s Co. I Ga. Militia.
The cemetery needs some cleaning and there are several fieldstones here.  The uncle of
William a Mr. Yerby Stroud who also served in the War of 1812 is also buried here.  This
site should be better maintained by the county as it is a true historical site for the county.
The cemetery is located on Stroud Road. On close examination of the gravesite of Yerby
Stroud one can see a stone with particular cross engraved into it.  This cross is a sign  of
the Knights Templar.  This adds more historical value to the site.  This is a keystone to
something they brought here from the old country.