Problems with the Wall of Honor

The Veterans Wall of Honor at Heritage Park is in need of repairs. From the photo’s  one
will see that there is quite a bit that needs to be done at the site.  Either poor workmanship
or faulty materials were used to create the finished product. Then there is the matter of
vandalism at the site.  The area needs more security than has been provided especially at
night when most of the vandalism occurs.  

The site falls in the reign of the 3rd District and the Commissioner should take a better
handle on what happens at the site. Also, the Parks and Recreation Department is under
control as to upkeep of the monument.  The taxpayers need to contact these key
personnel to let them know their feelings on the matter of repairs and upkeep of the Wall
of Honor.

Many Veterans sacrificed for their nation. Many did not return home, some returned
injured, and many came back unscathed.  It would be a shame and a pity to let a
monument that was created for those who would keep us safe go to ruin. It is up to the
people to let their voice be heard.

The Staff at the CRG
This large crack will extend further
as time goes by and water gets in it.
This severe crack is at the base of
the wall and will become bigger and
cause damage to the foundation of
the wall.
In this are a piece of stone is
Here you will find ants pushing up
through the stones which will cause
future damage.
Looking East in front of the wall
there is a sagging area which will
cause water to stand and make the
situation worse.
This is a shattered lens of one of
the lights.
This is severe damage to one of
the flag pole bases.
This flag pole base shows water
seeping out from under it, which
when it freezes will cause damage
to the base.
This severe crack in the walk way
next to the pavers will become
worse with time
Shoddy repair work, this area will
continue to deteriorate.
Crack coming down to a light and
on down to the steps.
Light showing water standing in it
with rust and a crack above and
below it.
Closeup of light with rust and water
in it, and the cracks radiating from
the light.
Broken light and crack showing
from the light.
Severe damage to the step.