Report on Veterans Wall of Honor Done April 15, 2010
                                                     Compiled by Alfred Britt & Mike Moon

We went to the Wall of Honor today to see how repairs were coming along.  We found that the only
repair we could find was one lens repaired in the stairwell.  The photo’s we took today will show you
the situation at the Wall and we will have to send those in two batches because of the amount.

Now the main wall has some problems on the way.  The large granite mass has sealer at the bottom
which is breaking up and rising.  There are weeds showing in the back between the concrete and the
granite. The cracks remain in the walk in the back of the monument and the one on the west end has
become worse.  There are also at least two cracks in the cement in front  of the wall at the base.  The
pavers in front of the wall are up and down in places showing movement.  That is the key word here.

The U.S. flag pole with the key door is open to the elements.  And all the flags are fading once again.  
The pavers are up and down all down the main walkway.  This is showing movement.  The stanchions
are showing the green  petina on the stone sides from the bronze plaques at an  early time.  Many new
cracks have formed in the tops of some of the stanchions.

The main stair well is still as it was with a poorly done skimmed concrete coating over it.
There are several areas where the cement is flaking and new cracks have begun to arise in the
stairwell.  At the bottom on the east side of the stairwell the walkway is sinking while the wall part is
rising again movement. There is a bad crack down the center of the stair well.

There is a crack at the top of the stairwell where the pavers begin that runs horizontal all the way
across.  This shows separation  in the land.  Again movement.

In my professional opinion as a Doctor of Climate Physics, this site is moving due to the substructure
of the land and the weight placed upon it has caused it to move even more than normal.  The site is
uphill from a flowing creek.  With time and gravity this is pulling the land toward the creek.  Now This
can be corrected by the right architectural means and supervision from someone involved in
substructures of weighted land masses.

The problem should have been investigated by the original architect to make sure the soil and area
was suited to the type of  structure to be built.  Again here is another project involving the county that
was not investigated clearly.  

These events are not the fault of anyone involved except the architect who should have known the area
and had some measurements taken to make sure it was appropriate.  But as noted it can be fixed.  It
just needs fixing soon.
Photos & Video of Damage