Congratulations to Joanne Consalvo-Mulvaney
                      Creator and visionary of the Veterans Wall of Honor at
                                              McDonough, Georgia

Joanne Consalvo-Mulvaney has been recognized by the Georgia Senate in a Resolution commending
her for
her vision and dream of a memorial to our Veterans from all wars.  She worked hard to put together
this beautiful memorial to  those who served and to those who gave the ultimate price.  Senator
Emanuel Jones backed the resolution to a lady who deserves more but she also deserves the
recognition due a person of integrity and honor.  We here at the CRG would like to personally
congratulate her on this fine achievement.
And we want to thank her for allowing us the honor of posting the resolution on the Wall of Honor
page we have created on the CRG site to honor the creation of a piece of history for future
The Staff at the CRG
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Senate Resolution 516
By: Senators Jones of the 10th, Buckner of the 44th, Butler of the 55th, Orrock of the 36th, Douglas
of the 17th and others


Recognizing and commending Mrs. Joanne Mulvaney; and for other purposes.

WHEREAS, Mrs. Joanne Mulvaney's vision, creativity, and determination are responsible for the
awe-inspiring Veterans Wall of Honor in McDonough, Georgia; and

WHEREAS, a United States navy veteran and graduate of the United States Navy Dental
Technology School, during her military career, Mrs. Mulvaney was stationed at the National Naval
Dental-Medical Command in Bethesda, Maryland; and

WHEREAS, when Mrs. Mulvaney was three-months pregnant, she fled Maryland to her parent's
home in Florida to escape a violent husband she feared would harm herself and her unborn child; and

WHEREAS, a welfare success story, Mrs. Mulvaney worked diligently to gain financial
independence and get off government assistance, attending night classes at a local community college
in central Florida to earn an associate's degree and going on to earn a bachelor's degree from the
University of Central Florida; and

WHEREAS, while living in Florida, Mrs. Mulvaney volunteered her time helping victims of violent
crime and domestic violence; and

WHEREAS, a survivor of domestic violence herself, Mrs. Mulvaney worked tirelessly to raise funds
for several battered women's shelters in central Florida, and her commitment was recognized by the
Florida Academy of Trial Attorneys with a nomination for the Governor's Peace at Home Award; and

WHEREAS, in 1996, Mrs. Mulvaney moved to Henry County, Georgia, where she worked for
several years as an advocate for veterans health and nursing home reform; and
WHEREAS, Mrs. Mulvaney had a vision to create a national monument that would pay tribute to the
great sacrifices made by the veterans of World War II, and she shared her idea with her father,
World War II Veteran Joseph Consalvo; and

WHEREAS, upon her father's insistence, Mrs. Mulvaney changed her plans to include all active duty
troops and veterans from across the nation who have served as guardians of freedom and liberty in
both times of war and peace; and

WHEREAS, determined to make her and her father's dreams a reality, Mrs. Mulvaney campaigned
vigilantly for the monument and gained support and sponsorship from the American Legion Post 33 of
Stockbridge and created the Veterans Wall of Honor Board of Directors; and

WHEREAS, in March, 2004, with the help of Henry County Commissioner Jason Harper, the Henry
County Board of Commissioners approved the donation of 2.5 acres of Heritage Park for use for
Mrs. Mulvaney's monument; and

WHEREAS, the Veterans Wall of Honor was revealed to the public during a dedication event on
November 11, 2008, and serves as an inspiring and emotionally moving tribute to all men and women
of the armed forces, past and present; and

WHEREAS, Mrs. Mulvaney currently lives in Stockbridge with her second husband, Jerry, and she is
proud to leave behind a legacy of honor and remembrance for future generations, including her three
sons, Adam, Daniel, and Shawn.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE that the members of this body
commend Mrs. Joanne Mulvaney on her vision and determination in the creation of a new national
treasure with the Veterans Wall of Honor.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Secretary of the Senate is authorized and directed to
transmit an appropriate copy of this resolution to Mrs. Joanne Mulvaney.