The CRG is in the process of evaluating the Veterans Wall of Honor as far as dangers
from ground movement that we have seen evidence of at the site. In order to properly
do this we must have copies of soil tests done prior to building the monument. We
have been in contact with the County and they could not find any thing we needed.
This is strange because any tests did would have to be on file at the County offices.
The County told us to contact Mr. Todd Ernst with Innovo Inc. which we did, however
Mr. Ernst wants to play games and meet with me for coffee to talk about this. I am not
here to socialize with people I am here to evaluate the monument site. This information
could be very easily E-Mailed to me. This raises the question was any tests done? I
feel I am being given the run around treatment because they want to hide something. I
think we all would agree that the Veterans Wall of Honor is a great monument to our
Veterans and we want to keep it in great shape. But if there is something wrong with
the soil we need to know about it so we can let the County know about it. We must
look at every angle of this and even look at the worst-case scenario. We get a very
large rainfall and then before the ground has a chance to dry the South River fault line
shifts. If the soil at the POW/MIA monument has too much sand under the site then it
could slip down into the creek breaking apart.
This is why we must look at the tests.     

The CRG Staff