"The Following Participated in the War of 1812"
                                       Who Settled in Henry County

The War of 1812 was mainly fought at sea for Maritime freedom between the United
States and England.  There was some famous land encounters also.  New Orleans and
Washington, DC are examples.  Francis Scott Key wrote the "Star Spangled Banner"
during this period.  Here is a list of those who settled in Henry County who were involved.

1. William Greer--Private in Capt. Jonathan Colbert's Co. 1st Class M.
  Greene Co. Gen. Stewarts Brig 1814-1815
   Lt. 147 Dist Co Greene Co G.M. 1816
   May 14, 1819
2. William Crawford was a soldier of the War of 1812.
3. William Hardin was a soldier in War of 1812 and was liason with the Cherokee Nation
who were on the side of the United States.
4. Thomas Yarbrough--Commissioned Officer War of 1812.
5. William Mitchell--He was a soldier in the War of 1812 buried in NE Henry Co. on the
Rockdale Co. Line of today at Old Flat Rock.  Panola Mtn can be seen to the southeast.  
His grave was marked by the Daughters of 1812 in 1926.  Since that time his marker has
been stolen.  This was an ancestor of Margaret Mitchell who wrote "Gone With The
6. Matthew Goss-He was in Nash's Regiment of South Carolina Volunteers June 21, 1813
and  in
Capt. Andrew Hamilton's Company of SC Militia June 1814 and remained until 1820.  He
to Locust Grove where he died in 1883.  He was the father of Civil War Vet Thomas Goss.