Ward—Berry Family Burial Site, Henry County, GA

Originally surveyed by Franklin Garrett on Oct. 20, 1935


This cemetery was located in Land Lot 60 of the 12 TH District of Henry County, Georgia.
Take I75 South to Exit 228.  Go left on Hwy 138 about 3 miles.  The cemetery was on the
Behind the First State Bank of Henry County.  Today it is a parking lot.
Franklin Garrett noted in his 1935 report that the cemetery was small with a wrought iron
Around the graves.  The graves were those of still born children of Althea “Allie” Dorsey
Ward and
William W. Ward.   There were also some children who died of typhoid in 1899 buried
there, but no
Definite names except a 3yr old James Berry.  Mr. Garrett noted that the cemetery also
contained 4
Fieldstone markers which were presumed to be other children.
It is not known what happened to the cemetery when the parking lot was built behind the
bank building.
This is a missing cemetery.

Alphabetical Index:

Name                            Birth Date                      Death Date

Berry, James                 1896                                1899